About FVMat

FVMat is a deep-tech startup developing technologies for design and optimization of Meta-Materials in the Aerospace and Automotive industries. We design and manufacture materials with controllable density, stiffness, heat transfer, and other physical properties. Our novel Meta-Materials can be dynamically controlled and adapt to external environment conditions.

FVMat introduced a novel concept of composite materials with extraordinary properties, which cannot be found in nature. These Meta-Materials are multi-functional and dynamically controlled. They are fabricated by combining 3D printing and proprietary additive techniques.

FVMat provides a full material design process that is validated by multi-physics simulation and optimization, thus enabling the production of lightweight intelligent parts that exhibit superior performance characteristics.

Value Proposition – system simplification:
Integrating several components into one;
Weight reduction – less material, improved performance;
Optimizing performance through efficiency;
Reduced maintenance;
Enhanced system reliability;
This is achieved via evolution of composite materials to become dynamic, multi-functional and adaptive.

TRL 5&6
Initial Paying Customers
Collaboration with UC Berkeley
Starburst startup accelerator
JEC Startup Booster 2022 top 20 finalists out of 1800+ (2022)
X-PITCH competition top 150 out of 4000+ companies from 51 countries (2022)
XTC Global Finalists (2022)
POC in 3D Multi-Phase Printing – custom 3D Printing Head (2022)
PCT & Patents: USA, Europe, China & Israel (2018-2022)
Plug and Play Japan New Materials Program (2022)
MAAGAD – Meta-Materials Israeli Consortium (2022)
i4Valley Funding (2022)
IN-VENTech acceleration program (2023)
Ansys Startup Program (2023)

FVMat Pledges:
Our Social and Environmental Pledges

Doron Klepach, Founder & CEO
Ilya Beletsky, Chief Scientist


Yaron Rosenstein, R&D Scientist
Alessia Perilli, R&D Scientist

Guy Ben-Dov, R&D Scientist

FVMat is a deep-tech startup developing Meta-Materials