About FVMat

FVMat is a deep tech startup that develops a technology of meta-materials for the Aerospace and Automotive industries. We design and manufacture materials with controllable density, stiffness, heat transfer and additional physical properties. Our novel meta-materials are dynamically adjusted to the environment and can adapt to external conditions.

FVMat introduced a novel concept of composite materials with extraordinary properties, which cannot be found in nature. These meta-materials are multi-functional and dynamically controlled. They are fabricated by combining 3D printing and proprietary additive techniques.

Our technology enables the production of lightweight intelligent parts with superior performance characteristics.

FVMat provides a full material design process that is validated by multi-physics simulation and optimization. The resulting micro structured material has unique properties that adapt to changing environment conditions.

Value Proposition – system simplification:
Integrating several components into one
Weight reduction – less material, improved performance
Optimizing performance through efficiency
Reduced maintenance
Enhanced system reliability
This is achieved via evolution of composite materials to become dynamic, multi-functional and adaptive.

TRL 5&6
Initial Paying Customers
Collaboration with UC Berkeley
Starburst startup accelerator
JEC Startup Booster 2022 top 20 finalists out of 1800+ (2022)
X-PITCH competition top 150 out of 4000+ companies from 51 countries (2022)
XTC Global Finalists (2022)
POC in 3D Multi-Phase Printing – custom 3D Printing Head (2022)
PCT & Patents: USA, Europe, China & Israel (2018-2022)
Plug and Play Japan New Materials Program (2022)
MAAGAD – Meta-Materials Israeli Consortium (2022)
i4Valley Funding (2022)
IN-VENTech acceleration program (2023)

FVMat Pledges:
Our Social and Environmental Pledges


Doron Klepach, Ph.D. Founder & CEO

Doron Klepach

Founder & CEO

Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics at UC Berkeley
B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Mechanical Eng. at Technion

Prior to FVMat Doron worked as a multi-scale scientist at MDS, a startup company that was later acquired by Altair. He developed computational tools for multi-scale analysis of materials. He also worked as a lecturer at TLV University teaching Solid Mechanics & Dynamics.

He did his Post Doc at UC San Francisco at the department of cardiac surgery, combining MRI with computational tools in order to optimize the short and long term effects of surgical procedures on cardiac functions. He also worked as a lecturer at UC Berkeley teaching Solid Mechanics.

Doron holds a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics from UC Berkeley, where he developed multi-physics analytical models & computational code for modeling composite materials.

More than 10 years experience in research and development, working on composites, biological materials, Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) and more.

Ilya Beletsky - Chief Scientist

Ilya Beletsky

Chief Scientist

M.Sc. Mechanical Eng. at Technion
B.Sc. Physics, B.A. Computer Science, B.Sc. Aerospace Eng. – Technion

Ilya graduated from 4 different faculties. All with excellence. He did 3 bachelor degrees – 2 of them simultaneously, and the other along with a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His thesis is on mechanical and chemical modeling of tissue properties. Computational – Finite Element – modeling of Cardiac catheterization and performance of drug eluting stents.

Among other fields his expertise lies in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Lab Experiments & Data Analysis, Integration & Product Design. Strong and proven skills of Scientific Research, Project Leadership, Innovation & Proof of Feasibility.

Prior to FVMat held various positions at Startup companies in a wide spectrum of fields of Research & Development – 8 years of experience. Plus 7 years experience in Scientific Research. And additional 3 years in Engineering Consulting for a number of Startups.

As part of academic activity, Ilya served as a lecturer and frontal TA for 5 years and taught 6 different courses, including Solid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Physics, Finite Elements and Mechanics of Materials Lab.

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