FVMat at JEC World Startup Booster


Illustrative Dynamic Meta-Material Prototype

The cube, made of ABS plastic, features cylindrical voids each containing a single magnetic particle. By applying an external magnetic field, we can dynamically adjust the orientation of these particles, thus enhancing stiffness in the desired direction and modifying the material’s magnetic characteristics.


Meta-Material Hybrid 3D Printer Prototype

A hybrid 3D printer capable of printing both solids and liquids showcases an hour-long process condensed into a 3-minute overview, highlighting key moments in slow motion:

1:23 – First liquid addition highlighted
1:36 – Resumption of solid printing
1:42 – Additional liquid added

Final stages involve completing the lower chamber and starting the upper chamber, with intermittent liquid additions at 2:15 and 2:25, before finishing the hourglass.


Impact Absorbing Meta-Material: Fluid Viscosity at Work

The video compares two types of Unit-Cells: one empty and another filled with water, both encased in elastic outer shells. Dropped onto a rigid surface, the Unit-Cell with water shows a delayed response due to shock wave propagation through the fluid, matching expected travel times given the water’s sound speed and the Unit-Cell’s dimensions.


Micro-Antenna Array – Dynamic Focus-Control

Each micro-antenna aligns dynamically in 3D space, allowing the antenna to have controllable, dynamic characteristics. This design supports adjustable bandwidth and wavelengths, engineered for specific performance and efficiency. It also includes optimized thermal management to prevent overheating.

Dynamic Focus-Control Micro-Antenna Array at FVMat, showcasing adjustable characteristics for enhanced communication technology

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