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2024 – FVMat has been accepted to Road2 Startup Accelerator

Road2 has a flourishing Innovation Center and investment platform for start-ups that build inspiring businesses. It was established through a partnership between US tech giant NVIDIA, the Israel Innovation Authority, and MATI Haifa.

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2024 – TheMarker: “Changing the Way Meta-Materials are Designed and Manufactured”

Highlighted in TheMarker, this article offers a comprehensive view of FVMat’s vision, focusing on innovative strategies in the Meta-Materials domain.

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2023 – FVMat joins UC Berkeley Capstone Experience

Berkeley’s two-semester Capstone Experience encourages students to merge technical and leadership talents in a high-paced, outcome-focused setting. Together with the student team, we’re set to advance our Meta-Material technology – Design and Optimization of Meta-Materials using Multi-Physical Computational Simulation, enhanced by Machine Learning.

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2023 – Exploring Impact Absorption in Meta-Materials: Fluid Viscosity at Work

In our research, led by Yaron Rosenstein, Ph.D., Meta-Materials are studied for their impact absorption capabilities using fluid viscosity. We compare two types of Unit-Cells: one empty, one filled with water, analyzed through Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics. Findings reveal that the water-filled Unit-Cell displays promising impact absorption characteristics.

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2023 – IN-VENTech – Growth program

We have successfully completed the IN-VENTech Acceleration program and moved on to the Growth program. This progression further cements our commitment to Haifa city and bolsters our efforts in fundraising and business development.

IN-VENTech stands out as a vital part of Haifa’s innovation ecosystem, working closely with Haifa Municipality, hiCenter, and Haifa Economic Corporation to foster growth and innovation.

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FVMat showcased Meta-Material innovations at Ansys Tech Day 2023

Speaker: Alessia Perilli – Alessia’s abstract @
Abstract title: Computational design and optimization of Meta-Materials with controllable heat transfer properties
Speaker: Elad Dakar – Elad’s abstract @
Abstract title: ML-based Meta-Surface analysis for MW radiation using HFSS and optiSLang
Speaker: Guy Ben-Dov – Guy’s abstract @
Abstract title: Optimization of a Meta-Material design for a micro-scale beam splitter


2023 – FVMat chooses Ansys as the Primary Engineering Simulation Software

FVMat seeks further collaboration with Ansys, as we work towards integrating our tools for Design, Simulation & Optimization of Meta-Materials into computer aided engineering and engineering simulation environments. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for our clients and revolutionize the field of Meta-Materials.


2023 – IN-VENTech Acceleration Program in Haifa

Being part of the IN-VENTech program strengthens FVMat’s commitment to Haifa city, and supports the company with fundraising and business development efforts.

IN-VENTech is a unique startup program backed by Haifa Municipality, hiCenter and Haifa Economic Corporation. The program was designed to support and promote the growing innovation ecosystem in downtown Haifa.

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2022-2023 – FVMat secured a Pre-Seed Investment from i4Valley

i4Valley incubator is at the heart of Israel’s Startup Nation ecosystem, with a relentless appetite for more revolutionary ideas that are going to change the world.

We’re incredibly grateful to i4Valley and the Israel Innovation Authority for making this possible. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Sivan Yechieli, Zvika Weinshtock, and the entire i4Valley team for their invaluable advice and support.

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2022 – FVMat was invited to participate in the Plug and Play Japan New Materials Program

Plug and Play Japan is an innovation platform that serves as a bridge between Japan and the global innovation ecosystem. Plug and Play Japan works with the largest corporations and gives them access to a strategically-aligned selection of startups that meet their tech interests.

FVMat was selected to participate in the Plug and Play program due to our unique know-how in development and simulation of meta-materials.

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2022 – FVMat takes part in Meta-Materials Israeli Consortium

The research committee of the Technological Infrastructure Division of the Israel Innovation Authority approved the work plans and the composition of the partners of the Meta-Materials Consortium, which is expected to operate for three years starting in January 2023. The activity budget for the entire period of the Consortium is estimated at approximately 55 million NIS.

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2022 – FVMat is chosen among 150 Semi-Finalists from 4000+ Applications in the X-PITCH Competition

X-PITCH is one of the largest annual startup contests in Asia, and probably the most challenging pitch event in the world. X-PITCH promotes “Tech For Good” and digital transformation. X-PITCH adheres to the elements of “Speed, Intensity, Challenge, and Fun” embodied in previous events, and is held in different forms every year.

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2022 – FVMat is honored to be among 100+ Finalists of 1800+ Applications at XTC

XTC – Extreme Tech Challenge – is a non-profit organization behind the world’s biggest startup competition. XTC is supported by leading corporations, VCs, foundations, policymakers, universities and tech conferences.

FVMat enables system simplification: Integrating several components into one, Weight reduction – less material, improved performance, Optimizing performance through efficiency, Reduced maintenance, Enhanced system reliability. This is achieved via evolution of composite materials to become dynamic, multi-functional and adaptive.

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2022 – FVMat is listed as One of the Best Israeli Startups and companies

This article showcases top picks for the best Israeli companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the 3D Printing industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

The companies are picked across the size spectrum from cutting edge innovation startups to established brands.

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2022 – FVMat is selected as One of the 20 Finalists of JEC World Startup Booster

JEC World is a global trade show dedicated to composite materials and applications. Taking place in Paris, JEC World is the industry’s leading annual event, hosting all the major players in a spirit of innovation, business and networking.

FVMat – taking composites beyond their capabilities through intelligent design of meta-materials.

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2021 – FVMat joins UC Berkeley Capstone Experience

The two-semester UC Berkeley Capstone Experience challenges students to integrate technical and leadership skills to innovate in a dynamic, results-driven environment.

The project combines Multi-Physical Computational Simulation with Machine Learning to boost the Meta-Material micro-structure Optimization process.

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2021 – Meet FVMat Startup – iHLS and IMoD INNOFENSE Innovation Center Graduate

The development of a new class of materials is opening up endless opportunities in fields such as mechanics, electronics, heat transfer, chemistry, optics, etc. FVMat (Filled Void Materials) has been revolutionizing the realm of materials by the design, simulation and production of novel meta-materials.

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2020 – Israeli Defense Giant and Starburst Aerospace picks FVMat to Develop Future Tech

IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries has chosen five startups to work with its engineers and experts to create products with the company, including sensors, artificial intelligence, monitoring systems, and landing gear, among other technologies.

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