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What are Meta-Materials?

The era of 3D printing opens many horizons and the capabilities of this technology go far beyond supplying a convenient way of producing familiar parts and products. Today the dream of creating a new class of materials with an endless variety of possible features becomes a goal within reach.

Meta-Materials are materials with an engineered artificial micro-structure that is designed to produce desired physical and mechanical properties, which cannot be found in nature.

A new class of Meta-Materials

At FVMat LTD we have invented a new concept of meta-materials that enables the production and manufacturing of materials with extraordinary properties. For example, we are able to design and manufacture materials with controllable density, stiffness, heat transfer and expansion, permeability, dielectric and electrical coefficients, reaction to the presence of various chemicals, etc.

All these properties could be externally varied in all three dimensions during the product life-cycle. Moreover, our materials alter their properties to adapt to changing external conditions.

The basic concept is simple, but the applications are vast!

The new meta-material’s micro-structure is composed of three main components:

Meta Materials - Micro-Structure - Basic Concept

A matrix – the main substance from which the material is made of.
A void inside the matrix – with a controllable void shape and size.
A substance – particles, fluids, powders, gases, or any combination of the previous residing inside the void.

By controlling these building blocks we can design and manufacture materials with groundbreaking properties never thought of before.



TRL 5&6
Initial Paying Customers
Collaboration with UC Berkeley
Starburst startup accelerator
JEC Startup Booster 2022 top 20 finalists out of 1800+ (2022)
X-PITCH competition top 150 out of 4000+ companies from 51 countries (2022)
XTC Global Finalists (2022)
POC in 3D Multi-Phase Printing – custom 3D Printing Head (2022)
PCT & Patents: USA, Europe, China & Israel (2018-2022)
Plug and Play Japan New Materials Program (2022)
MAAGAD – Meta-Materials Israeli Consortium (2022)
i4Valley Funding (2022)
IN-VENTech acceleration program (2023)
Ansys Startup Program (2023)
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This basic concept can be used in many applications and industries, we list here but a few:

Airplane components
Automotive components
Safety catches and safety mechanisms
Electronic components
Controllable Heat transfer
Self-Lubricating materials
Damage indicating materials
Acoustic controlled materials

Some of our preliminary simulations, illustrations and the first prototype can be viewed at the Gallery.

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