Pioneering Engineering’s Future: FVMat is more than a tech company.

We’re revolutionizing engineering with our advanced simulation platform. This isn’t just another tool; it’s the key engineers have been seeking.

FVMat bridges the gap in engineering potential. It’s the crucial instrument for developing materials with transformative qualities, turning what is considered overly complex into reality.

FVMat - Materials that Matter - Meta-Materials, MetaMaterials


Meta-Materials have a huge potential. But their R&D is long, expensive and requires lots of expertise and experience. FVMat merges cutting-edge Computational Tools and advanced Machine Learning. Our products harness Physics & Manufacturing informed AI in a SaaS model. FVMat also offers full Research & Development end-to-end solutions.

FVMat - Materials that Matter - Meta-Materials, MetaMaterials


1. SW for efficient Design and Optimization of Meta-Materials
2. Various Multi-Physics Simulations in a Single Platform
3. Simulating Real-World conditions – insights into long-term Durability and Reliability
4. Improved R&D Workflow – faster R&D and Commercialization

By making previously unattainable designs feasible, FVMat unlocks New Revenue Streams.

FVMat - Materials that Matter - Meta-Materials, MetaMaterials


TRL 5 & 6
Initial Paying Customers
Collaboration with UC Berkeley
Starburst startup accelerator
JEC Startup Booster 2022 top 20 finalists out of 1800+ (2022)
X-PITCH competition top 150 out of 4000+ companies from 51 countries (2022)
XTC Global Finalists (2022)
POC in 3D Multi-Phase Printing – custom 3D Printing Head (2022)
PCT & Patents: USA, Europe, China & Israel (2018-2022)
Plug and Play Japan New Materials Program (2022)
MAAGAD – Meta-Materials Israeli Consortium (2022)
i4Valley Funding (2022)
IN-VENTech acceleration program (2023)
Ansys Startup Program (2023)
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You are also welcome to view some of our concepts, prototypes, and results at Portfolio.

Ansys startup program - FVMat.com - Materials that Matter
FVMat - Materials that Matter - Meta-Materials